Looking Back

After following the Dukan diet for a full week now, I have discovered many of the effects, both positive and negative, that an extreme weight loss programme can have on a person. Following… Continue reading

The final result

The results:  After strictly following the Dukan diet for just seven days, I have lost over 5 lbs (2.5kg) which is a result anyone would be proud of! While there is no doubt… Continue reading

The end of the Cruise Phase

It is the second last day of my diet and I seem to have overcome the hardest part of it all. Now that my diet meals are starting to look like normal balanced… Continue reading

Favourite Cruise Phase Recipe

Low fat butternut squash and red pepper soup This was by far my favourite original recipe throughout the whole process; warm comfort food, with a low carbohydrate and fat content – every dieter’s… Continue reading

Day 5-7: “The Cruise Phase”

I have finally come to end of my four day Attack Phase- hallelujah! The list of allowed foods thankfully increases to allow for some of the vegetables that I have been craving over… Continue reading

Day 3 and 4

Day 3:  It is now the third day of my challenge, and I must admit I am finding this whole diet rather monotonous as the allowed foods are so limiting, which is making… Continue reading

The Dukan App

These days, even dieting has become an interactive activity we can indulge in online. A friend recommended that I download the free Dukan Diet iPad app, which I did and I found it… Continue reading

Day 1 and 2: “The Attack Phase”

The Attack Phase of the Dukan diet is almost entirely limited to high protein foods and no(or low)-fat dairy products. The complete list of the five ‘allowed foods’ during the Attack Phase is:… Continue reading

The Dukan Diet and the controversy behind it

The diet begins with ‘The Attack Phase’ which can last anywhere from 1-10 days depending on how much weight one needs to lose. This phase is just as scary as the name suggests… Continue reading

The Challenge

It’s a fact: we are a nation obsessed with dieting. A recent poll suggests that more than one in four adults in the UK is on some sort of diet, while almost two… Continue reading